Road Trip from Islamabad to Khunjerab Pass

Have you at any point gone on an outing to Khunjerab Pass, the superb passage concealed in the rugged pinnacles of the entrancing Karakoram Range toward the finish of the eminent Karakoram Highway?

If not, what are you sitting tight for?

With summer travels only a couple of brief months away, you have presumably, as of now, began to make arrangements for your next trip. If you live in a hotter district, going to the northern zones to get away from the warmth should be on your rundown without a doubt.

For the inhabitants of Islamabad and Lahore, requiring a brief end-of-the-week outing to Murree and the slope stations past has consistently been the most well-known choice, principally in light of the vicinity. In any case, for those living in distant zones, arranging an excursion to these acclaimed objections requires a great deal of exertion and thought.

Be that as it may, if you truly need to find Pakistan and investigate the regular excellence it has been honored with, you should set your sights somewhat further. This year, think about making a trip to Gilgit Baltistan, an authentic piece of paradise on earth.

The excursion to this zone may take somewhat more than you are most likely used to. Be that as it may, you unquestionably will fret the distance once you enter these delightful valleys loaded up with lavish green knolls and tall snow-shrouded mountains.

Obviously, Hunza and Gilgit are two of the most famous vacation locations in Pakistan. Be that as it may, you can’t design an outing to these valleys without remembering Khunjerab Pass for your schedule. The street condition from Islamabad to Hunza is likewise very great. Subsequently, you don’t need to stress over your excursion being truly awkward.


Khunjerab Pass China-Pakistan in Gilgit Baltistan
It is the most elevated worldwide boundary-crossing on the planet.Khunjerab Pass, all the more generally alluded to as the Pak-China line, is the most elevated point on the compositional wonder known as Karakoram Highway. Situated at the height of 15,397 feet, it is likewise the most noteworthy cleared global boundary-crossing on the planet. The best and ideal opportunity to visit this lovely milestone is between May and September.


Here is a definite visit plan to Khunjerab Pass. Given your financial plan, you can even transform it into an undeniable Pakistan visit. You’ll build the number of days. Overall, it will take you around 3 to 4 days to venture out from Islamabad to Khunjerab Pass by the street.

Significant hint: Instead of driving your own vehicle, lease a reasonable vehicle. In every case, it’s better to recruit an accomplished driver acquainted with the exciting bends in Karakoram Highway’s road. Many visit bunches are offering sensibly estimated bundles from every city if you are going with a gathering.

The Northern Areas Transport Corporation, otherwise called NATCO, gives Islamabad to Hunza transport service at truly reasonable rates.


A person driving on the highway
This excursion may be a little long, yet the hypnotizing view will not allow you to feel tired

It’s smarter to leave Islamabad in the early hours of the morning to keep away from any significant gridlocks. On the off chance that you would prefer not to stall out and about for quite a long time, you should endeavor to cross Mansehra before dawn. It is prescribed to stop for breakfast once you arrive at Balakot. Make a point to have a quick bite and pack a few snacks for the street, as it will be a long ride.

From Balakot, it’ll take you around five hours or so to arrive at your next stop, a lovely town called Besal just external Naran. Try not to make a stop in Naran as it becomes busy during the vacation season. All things considered, take a lunch break at Besal before making a beeline for Lulusar Lake and Babusar Pass. You need to put shortly at both of these vacationer locations.

Babusar Pass is the most elevated point in this valley, interfacing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s territory to Gilgit Baltistan. The street dropping from this mountain pass is loaded with abrupt exciting bends in the road. That implies the driver should be amazingly cautious. It’ll take you around 3 to 4 hours starting here to arrive at Jaglot through Karakoram Highway.

By and large, individuals incline toward remaining in Chilas. Be that as it may, in case you’re going throughout the late spring months, it’s smarter to remain in Jaglot as the previous will, in general, get warm. Stay the night in this little yet very accommodating town and eat at a nearby eatery. The more rest you get, the more you’ll have the option to make the most of your excursion.


Hunza River flows along the Karakoram Highway in Gilgit Baltistan
Altit Fort has the ideal perspective on the excellent Hunza River.

The way to a calm excursion is to dodge traffic. This implies you need to begin your day as ahead of schedule as could be expected. On the second day of your excursion, leave the lodging by 8 am and advance towards Hunza Valley through Karakoram Highway. On your way, take a short photography break at Three Mountain Junction. It’s perhaps the most famous traveler objection in Gilgit Baltistan, where you can see the world’s three biggest reaches — the Karakoram, Hindukush, and Himalayas — meet.

You can enjoy one more short reprieve at Rakaposhi View Point. Notwithstanding, don’t invest an excess of energy here as you’ll have to make another stop in a couple of hours for lunch.

On the off chance that you stay on target and don’t make any superfluous stops, you’ll arrive at Karimabad, the capital of the Hunza area, in about 3.5 hours. You can stop here for lunch and afterward drive for a couple of more minutes to visit the notable Altit Fort. Constructed almost 1100 years prior, this fortification is viewed as the most seasoned landmark in the locale.

After a speedy visit through Altit Fort, you can go to the renowned Eagle’s Nest in Duikaar for some grand photos. Try to arrive at your lodging by dusk and go through the night in Hunza.


Blue waters of Attabad Lake in Gilgit Baltistan PakistanAttabad Lake is one of the top vacation destinations in the area.

Registration of your inn promptly in the first part of the day so you can keep away from traffic on your way to the entrancing Attabad Lake. This captivating blue lake was shaped because of a gigantic avalanche. It is additionally presumably one of the greatest vacationer locations in Gilgit Baltistan. You can take a short boat ride or even go fly skiing on the off chance that you arrive before the busy time.

In the wake of taking pictures at Attabad Lake, you can advance toward Baltit Fort, one more authentic landmark in the valley. Developed almost 700 years prior, this is considered quite possibly the most authentic vacation location in Pakistan. It is greater than Altit Fort. However, the two had a place with similar families in various time-frames. You can take a guided visit through this fortification and eat at a close-by eatery.

Going on Karakoram Highway, you’ll arrive at Minapin town in Nagar Valley within 90 minutes of leaving Baltit Fort. This little town in Gilgit Baltistan is home to the absolute most inviting individuals you’ll go over this excursion. You can take a short walk and stay the night in one of the nearby lodgings. Nonetheless, try to book a room ahead of time as this zone has two significant inns that are amazingly famous among homegrown and unfamiliar sightseers the same.


Road to Khunjerab Pass Pak-China Border
The way to Khunjerab Pass can get very steep in specific spotsThe previous you leave the inn, the sooner you’ll have the option to get back. In a perfect world, you ought to be out and about by 7 am. It’ll take you almost six hours, in ideal climate conditions, to arrive at Khunjerab Pass. You can stop at the popular Hussaini Gojal Hanging Bridge and take some important photos at the beautiful Passu Cones in transit. It is likewise alluded to as ‘Passu Cathedral’ because of the pinnacles’ special shape. When you enter Khunjerab National Park, you can enjoy a short reprieve for tea and a few bites. Starting here onwards, the drive up to Khunjerab Pass will be steep. Because of the great height, the oxygen level additionally will undoubtedly drop, which implies you need to ration however much of your energy as could reasonably be expected. Also, you may experience a ton of traffic on your way to the public park as it is perhaps the most famous vacationer location in Pakistan. Individuals should leave their vehicles at a little separation from the Pak-China Border. You can stroll over to the dividers put before Khunjerab Pass and posture for photographs before the glorious door. Additionally, an ATM is close by, accepted as the most noteworthy ATM on the planet. After going through an hour or so here, you should advance back to Nagar. When you arrive at your inn, it’ll most likely be dim outside. You can eat and go through one more night there.


Scenic view of Lake Saiful Muluk in Naran Valley
If you can invest somewhat more energy in Naran, make a point to visit Saiful Muluk LakeIt’s an ideal opportunity to advance back home. Notwithstanding, you will not have the option to arrive at Islamabad around the same time because of hefty traffic on Karakoram Highway and in Naran. On the off chance that you leave the inn around 9 am, you’ll most likely arrive at Chilas somewhere in the range of 1 and 2 pm. You can get some lunch here and afterward travel for almost four additional hours to arrive at Naran. Because of continuous development and hefty traveler flood in Gilgit Baltistan, you’re probably going to stall out and about also. If you arrive at Naran by dusk, you can walk in the principal market region and eat at one of the numerous eateries situated in the valley. You’ll need to go through the night here, yet make a point to book a room, in any event, seven days ahead of time.


Vacation suitcases and sneakers by front door
There’s no spot better than home in the wake of eating in Naran, set out for Islamabad. You’ll need to cross Balakot and Mansehra before you can stop for lunch in Abbottabad. With summers being an ideal opportunity to go on a visit through northern zones, you are well on the way to experience a ton of traffic on your way home. Nonetheless, if you don’t go over any significant jams, you’ll arrive in Islamabad around the evening. Altogether, it’ll take you around seven to eight hours to get from Naran to the government capital. Contingent upon your financial plan and excursion days, you can further also, on the off chance that you are remaining in Islamabad and need to investigate the zone’s regular excellence, make a point to visit the delightful Margalla Hills. A well-known vacation destination, these superb slopes offer beautiful perspectives and a huge load of open-air amusement openings that are ideal for families.

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