The Role and Responsibilities of a Landlord

Are you planning to put up your property for rent? While renting space is an extraordinary method of creating additional pay while looking after possession, you should likewise be set up to confront every one of the difficulties of being a property manager – particularly if you have never done it. As opposed to what the vast majority accept, a landowner’s obligations are not restricted to choosing an inhabitant, consenting to an arrangement, and gathering month to month lease. They are liable for their occupants just as the property.

To lay it out plainly, being a landowner is a regular occupation that accompanies various obligations. If you are considering what those are, we’ve assembled a rundown of the lawful and moral duties of property managers in Pakistan that will take care of you.


rights and duties of a landlord to property
A good landlord needs to fulfill their responsibilities towards tenants as well as the property.

A landlord wears many hats.

Obviously, a property manager’s essential job is to give the occupant respectable convenience in return for a considerable measure in the month-to-month lease. Notwithstanding, that is not all. When leasing their property, the landowner should ensure the space is perfect, very much kept up, and secure. Likewise, they ought to guarantee the structure is fundamentally stable and every one of the inside fittings, like apparatus and outfitting, is in wonderful request. Likewise, it is among the obligations of a landowner to keep a serene climate for their occupants and help address their issues alongside covering local charges and keeping up appropriate protection.

Additionally, a property manager needs to assume an arbitrator, real estate professional, and repairman. They are answerable for screening inhabitants, getting some information about their rental history, settling the lease and the sum for a security store, and enrolling the tenant contract whenever the two players endorse it. Other than that, making the inhabitants mindful of their obligations towards the property is likewise one of a landowner’s primary obligations.


Responsibilities of a Landlord to Tenants
A landlord must always make sure the tenants feel safe and secure in their rental property.

Responsibilities of a landlord towards his or her tenants?

  • Guaranteeing a protected climate
  • Keeping up harmony and neatness
  • Reacting to support demands

Let’s discuss this in detail.


Your house should be the most secure spot on the planet – and your inhabitant should feel a similar way. Thusly, as a landowner, it is your duty to guarantee the investment property is appropriately gotten. You should ensure every entryways and window has working locks and can’t be opened from an external perspective. Essentially, the front entryways should have a deadbolt lock, notwithstanding an ordinary door handle or handle. Likewise, it is critical to supplant the locks once an old inhabitant moves out and another one moves in.

If you own a structure with different occupants, ensure everyone has keys to their units and can’t go into another person’s room, bit or loft without consent. Besides, never permit a handyperson, circuit tester, or some other repairer to enter an occupant’s home solo. Not exclusively could this lead to a possible theft; however, it may likewise cause your occupant to feel hazardous and awkward.

The outside of the house or a structure ought to be comparably protected as within. Just as the vehicle left, the territory outside the front entryway ought to be sufficiently bright and secure. Should fix Shaky railings, broken fences, and harmed flights of stairs as quickly as time permits to maintain a strategic distance from any unsavory mishaps.


Aside from guaranteeing an inhabitant’s wellbeing, keeping up perfect and tranquil environmental factors is also one of the fundamental obligations of a property manager.

Regardless of whether you own a multi-unit investment property or are just leasing a bit of your home, it is basic to define a few limits consistently. For instance, you ought to have a severe strategy about no noisy music or commotions after 10 PM, or that everybody should save appropriate plans for disposing of their waste and not leave it outside their front entryway for the viewing pleasure of anyone passing by.

Obviously, you can’t change individuals’ propensities or be considered liable for cleaning your inhabitants’ wrecks. In any case, it is among the obligations of a landowner to guarantee the property is liberated from the trash. The lobbies and flights of stairs are cleared and wiped routinely, and all outside zones are sufficiently bright. On the off chance that your property has a terrace or a nursery, you should guarantee it is, in every case, very much kept up and liberated from any garbage.

On account of termite, bugs, or rat pervasion, a landowner should promptly enlist an exterminator to deal with the issue before it escapes hands.

In a perfect world, landowners ought to explain these things with likely occupants during the screening stage. Enquire whether they can follow your no-clamor, no-boisterous music strategy before drafting a tenant contract and marking underneath the spotted line.

Here are a couple of more important questions to ask while meeting your likely occupant.


Property support and fixes are remembered for the duties of landowner and inhabitants the same. Albeit most occupancy arrangements explain it, many occupants accept their property managers are completely liable for the total support of their home.

That is just false. Support of an investment property is normally isolated into two sections: inside and outsides. The inhabitant is mindful to fix the inside harms, for example, fixing broken machines that accompanied the property, supplanting broken furnishings, and repainting the dividers when required.

Notwithstanding, a landowner’s obligation regarding fixes is similarly just about as basic as different obligations.

A property manager is answerable for fixing any breaks in the dividers, supplanting burst pipes, fixing broken advances, and managing underlying harms. Likewise, it is significant for landowners to react to the calls of support and fix inside a sensible timeframe. If the idea of the harm is excessively extreme, settle on sure to decide an expert straightaway.

We should investigate these tips for the fundamental upkeep of a rental home for more data.


duties of landlord and tenants
Paying property taxes is also one of the responsibilities of a landlord

Paying local charges is additionally one of the duties of a property manager

Since we’ve examined the obligations of a landowner towards their occupants, it’s an ideal opportunity to break down a landowner’s duties to property.

  • Keeping up legitimate protection
  • Duty to make good on charges
  • Covering service bills

We should investigate these.


Landowners should consistently get their property guaranteed to ensure their venture against cataclysmic events, fire mishaps, just as slip-and-fall claims, among others. If you have effectively purchased a protection plan, make a point to pay the premium consistently.

There are primary sorts of protection designs all property managers should be comfortable with: mortgage holder’s protection and landowner’s protection. Even though they sound rather comparative, the contrast between them can be somewhat hard to comprehend.

Nonetheless, to give you a short outline, a mortgage holder’s protection plan is intended to secure the individual home and the policyholder’s effects against any harm. Then again, the landowner’s protection secures the policyholder’s speculation as a landowner.

Try to look at the key differences between property holder’s protection and landowner’s insurance in our definitive guide on the point.


Paying assessments on the property is additionally one of the duties of a landowner.

According to the law in Pakistan, landowners are lawfully obliged to pay the duties that happen against their property, regardless of whether they have leased it out. At times, the inhabitant may need to cover the local charge, yet they can request repayment later.

In this way, if you own a property in Pakistan, you need to pay local charges to the public authority. If you put it up for lease, you will likewise need to pay an annual expense on the lease that you get.

Don’t hesitate to investigate the different sorts of property taxes and landlord-inhabitant law in Pakistan.


As a general rule, it is the obligation of the occupants to pay for their own utilities. At times, the utility charges are remembered for the month-to-month lease, which implies the property manager is liable for paying them before the due date each month.

It is one of a landowner’s obligations towards the property to cover every service bill before the inhabitants lose their water, power, or gas association. Not paying the charges can likewise be viewed as an infringement of the occupancy arrangement, leading occupants to make a lawful move against the landowner.

Also, property support and fixes are likewise among the legitimate and moral duties of landowners.

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